bazaar - ARTE Feastival

handmade bazaar

This years’ edition of ARTE Feastival will definitely be even more magical then the previous one. We can definitely promise you that. The last weekend of August will bring something brand new to all of you festival goers and we aim to make it a colorful tradition – Our very own Hadmade bazaar.

While celebrating summer and, sun and good music you will have the opportunity to gaze upon and take home beautiful creations from talented handmade authors.


ARTE Feastival will offer you a walk along a cute bazaar alley, a temporary home of 25 talanted and creative authors. A safe haven for all of you who cherish more than anything  one-of-a-kind objects that took time to make.


We plan our bazaar to be an integral part of the overall festival experience. Please note that some of you would not be accepted for reason of duplication, or because of more applications then can be accepted. Non-acceptance is not always a reflection on your quality.

All applications will be accesed on:

  • Appearance and stall presentation – well presented, colourful and creative stalls are highly valued. We require photos with your application, and we will be looking at any of your website/social media pages.
  • Product quality, origin and presentation – we love all things handmade, sustainable, local, ethical, vintage, upcycled, authenti
  • Diversity – the festival aims to minimise direct competition
  • Professionalism, efficiency and friendly nature when interacting with customers, volunteers and festival staff.
  • Environmental awareness in accordance with our sustainability guidelines – we are slowly moving towards becoming a green festival. We are looking for stallholders embracing the ethos of our event and thus please have in mind this information when deciding on the packaging of your product


Full details and participation requirements you will get once you send your application. Please allow a couple of days to process your application.