FAQ - ARTE Feastival

ARTE Feastival 2022 will take place on August 26, 27 and 28 август 2022. The festival location remains unchanged – nearby ARTE hotel at Velingrad, Bulgaria. For your convenience, you may check the GPS coordinates here.

1. How to get a ticket?
Tickets for ARTE Feastival are on sale online at Ticketstation.bg, or if you are in Bulgaria, you can visit Na Tamno stores or Fast Pay offices.

Getting your e-ticket is as easy as following 4 main steps:

    1. Choose your ticket type and the ticket count;
    2. Check your order;
    3. Choose whether you are paying as a guest user, or make a registration at ticketstation.bg – we recommend the second option
    4. Make your payment using credit or a debit card.
      After your payment is successful, you will receive your e-ticket at the e-mail provided by you. You get a pdf-file and an Apple Wallet file depending your device and preferences. There’s no need to print the received ticket.

2. Ticket prices

The General sale of tickets for ARTE Feastival began on 15.12.2021 – you can check ticket categories at this page. There are regular three day tickets, VIP three day tickets, teen tickets, free child tickets and camping tickets available.
Please, keep in mind that all children below the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult with a filled Declaration of Accompaniment. You can download it from this link.

Ticket prices will increase according the following scheme:

  • until 31.12.2021 – 3-day ticket for 120 BGN, 3-day teen ticket for 60 BGN, VIP ticket for 160 BGN.
  • until 30.04.2022 – 3-day ticket for 140 BGN, 3-day teen ticket for 70 BGN, VIP ticket for 180 BGN.
  • until 31.07.2022 – 3-day ticket for 160 BGN, 3-day teen ticket for 80 BGN and VIP ticket for 200 BGN.
  • from 01.08.2022 and on site – 3-day ticket for 180 BGN, 3-day teen ticket for 90 BGN and 3-day VIP ticket for 250 BGN.

Camping tickets are also available for 99 BGN per person – the price is not changing during time. You can read more about our camping area here.

3. One Day Tickets
Coming soon.

1. Allowed items at the venue
The main logic to follow when bringing items to the festival area is whether it is existential to take something with you. For your convenience, here’s a list of most allowed items:
  • Suncream;
  • Repellent against insects – must not be in a pack under pressure;
  • A lighter;
  • Cigarettes/iQOS/other e-cigarettes
  • A plastic bottle of water with volume <= 0.5l.
  • Personal medications (e.g. asthma spray, pills, etc.);
  • Powerbanks;
  • Contact lens solution;
  • Disinfectant;
  • Insulin syringe (max. 1);
  • Insulin;
  • Stollers.
2. Prohibited items
Keep in mind that if you have any of these items at the festival, the security guards could take them away from you. Note that the organizers do not take any responsibility for these items and their storage. To avoid such situations, do not bring with you the following:
  • Substances forbidden by the current laws in Bulgaria and The EU (drugs, etc.);
  • Cold weapons, guns, means of self-defense (such as knives, hot sprays, etc.);
  • Flammable items, incl. aerosols;
  • Markers, sprays;
  • Bags and sacks larger than 35x25x12 cm. or 10l volume
  • Containers made of glass or plastic, any bottles different than a 0.5l plastic bottle of water, metal cups, etc.;
  • Plush toys;
  • Remote control toys such as cars, airplanes, helicopters, etc.
  • Food and alcohol;
  • Balloons, balls, flammable spheres, frisbees or any other flying disks;
  • Umbrellas, sticks, selfie sticks;
  • Objects with big volume, such as chairs, boxes, blankets, tents, etc.;
  • Bicycles, skateboards, hoverboards, scooters or any other vehicles;
  • Pets, except for guide dogs;
  • Lasers, laser pens or other similar items;
  • Water pistols, spraying bottles;
  • Music instruments;
  • Megaphones;
  • Drones or any flying objects;
  • Professional cameras or other photo/video equipment (w/ removable lenses);
  • Fireworks, sparklers or any flammable items;
  • Belt chains, belts and studded belts (conical studs);
  • Flyers or any commercial materials not approved by the Organizer.
The items listed will be immediately taken away from you from the guards if their presence is established. Keep in mind that some jewelry or merch such as spikes or chains can be considered dangerous and taken away.

3. Festival admission

Prior 18:00 you can reenter the festival area multiple times. At your initial visit you will receive a festival wristband. After 18:00, you can enter the festival area only once. Note that you can enter at any time. When entering the festival area for the first time, you may be required to provide an ID in addition to your ticket.

4. Photos and videos
You can take only your smartphone or a camera with a non-replacable lenses to take photos or videos. Professional cameras are not allowed. Go Pros are also not allowed.

5. Food and drinks
It is forbidden to bring food and drinks of any kind into the Festival area. There you will have access to food and beverage bars. It is allowed to bring water in packages up to 500ml per person. In case of extremely high temperatures it is possible to increase this amount to 750ml.

ARTE Feastival is organized by Fest Team Bulgaria in partnership with Cultural-Mass Activities and Spa & Park Hotel Arte.

Fest Team is a promoter company offering event strategies and solutions. After years of successful participation in maintaining events & creating digital solutions, we are already confident enough that we have the experience to provide a 360-degree programmes to our partners.
Combining experience, loyalty and perfect planning and event organising skills, we have already gained the trust of many partners. As of 2019, Fest Team is the only Bularian Live Nation representative.

Cultural-Mass Activities’ team is responsible for some of Bulgaria’s most engaging events, such as the Street Food & Art Festival, SPICE Music Festival, etc.

Offering all-year round free spa facilities and an indoor pool connected to a small outdoor pool and tubs, Hotel Arte SPA & Park is situated in Velingrad. The hotel has a hot spring bath and hot tub, and guests can enjoy a meal at the restaurant.

1. Is there any medical staff available on site?
There will be several medical teams onsite – make sure you are well informed about their location before you enter.

2. Is admission for people with disabilities assured?
We are doing our best to ensure equal access to the Festival for anyone. If you have any questions, recommendations or notes, text us on Facebook or at info (at) festteam.bg

3. I have another question or a recommendation. E-mail us on info@festteam.bg or text us on our official Facebook page – we’re doing our best to reply asap.